Jog On Janet. How Janet Street Porter’s article slams women’s self esteem


Everything about this article in today’s Daily Mail is ridiculous.

Janet Street-Porter: Why no woman over 20 should ever wear a bikini | Daily Mail Online.

Janet’s words are bizarre, I have no understanding of why she would compose an article which does nothing but blatantly blunt women’s self esteem. Why does she feel she has the right to state that no women over 20 should wear a bikini? Because we all look bad in one, and feel bad about it, apparently. Well, she obviously does and is projecting that onto the rest of the sisterhood. It saddens me that she looks back on an image of herself, in full bloom, in a bikini in her 20’s and slates it with self loathing. Janet, jeeez, why so hard on yourself? This isn’t an article about age, how can it be when 20 is marked as the end of youth and a beautiful body? I’d say that’s exactly the age where confidence in being beautiful, whatever your looks, really begins to form and we should celebrate that. This is an article to me, about self esteem and the obliteration of it.

Firstly a woman or girl of ANY age, size and shape is entirely free to wear whatever they wish on the beach. Being on the beach is generally a time of relaxation and frolics, who cares what you look like. Yep, a lot of us do worry, but my point is that we should be encouraging each other NOT to worry. Our ‘beach body’ is whatever our body looks like in a bikini. Some may want to work out and that makes many women feel better, and that’s brilliant. As is letting your body be how it is naturally, how it looks when you haven’t had the time or concern to hone it to so called perfection. Does your body work? Are you well and healthy? Ok, go ahead and wear your bikini.

Secondly, Porter suggests that we shouldn’t wear a bikini as we aren’t sexually alluring past the age of 20, so, um, since when was looking f**kable the only reason women don bikini’s? Lordy! If we’re gonna bring age into it then I’ll say this, Porter is very much old enough to know better. I’m 38 and I wear a bikini whenever I get the rare chance. Having spent a large part of my life struggling with low self esteem and an Eating Disorder, it is only at this age that I am finally confident enough to say ‘sod it, I don’t care if my tits are teeny and my butt wobbles’. I suppose I’ll be grateful that I don’t think I look hideous or un-f**kable while I wear it too shall I, Janet? I wear a bikini because I want to feel the sun on my skin, I want to swim in the sea and feel the seaweed tangle around my bare tummy; rather than hide in a heap of anxiety about how I look. And that, is precisely why I think we should ALL feel free to reach for that bikini.

3 thoughts on “Jog On Janet. How Janet Street Porter’s article slams women’s self esteem

  1. Hello, my name is Chuck and I promise to NEVER don a bikini!
    Ha-ha! I guess that what I have to say is that I hear you and overall I agree with not worrying about whether I have “the perfect beach body” or not!! I sure don’t have the perfect body! A lot If people, though, like me who do have some pride how I look in public…so I bathe, shave, etc. I think that many people obsess they look…too much so!
    Anyway, if you wish please Follow my blog:
    My blog covers Dual-Diagnosis which is being an alcoholic/addict PLUS having a mental illness! Thank you,
    Chuck Smith II


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